Contactless check-in for hotel guests

Contactless No app No hardware required

Contactless check-in for hotel guests

Let your guests fill in all relevant data required for your check-in process from home or on the way and avoid long queues at the front desk.

Journey Mailing

In just a few minutes the solution will be adapted to your requirements and your guests can check-in with their own mobile device.

No app or hardware - Contactless process

The new technology is available on every device of your guests – without downloading an app. Thereby you offer a fully contactless service for your hotel check-in.

Simplify your check-in process and provide a contactless and easy to use solution for your guests.

Digital Check-In:

Invite your guests to a contactless check-in

Invite your guests to the digital check-in with your booking confirmation. Simply integrate a check-in link provided by us into the booking confirmation of your PMS or emails that are automatically sent to your guests via external booking platforms or our own mailing solution ‘Journey Mailing’.

Registration form:

Easy access to the data

With the Check-in Link, your guests access the digital registration form to fill out all information. The data will be sent to you via email, you can export it as csv-file. Additionally, the data can be printed on the registration form.


Invite your guests to explore more

After successfully filling in the relevant information, your guests will receive a confirmation of the completed contactless check-in. Afterwards you can provide relevant information for the arrival and stay with the web app. Promote your additional services and offers and generate revenue prior to the stay of your guests.