Decrease costs and increase sales during the stay of your guests

Easy access via booking confirmation

Our solution can be easily used as landing page after your guests login to your wifi. Our technology incorporates all advantages of an app, without downloading one. The solution we provide works on every device, no need to invest in expensive hardware.

Digital guest folder

Whilst using their own device your guests can be informed about new events in your hotel. Whether it is check-in times, breakfast information, tour tips or a journey description – all important information is available by just one click.

Improved guest feedback and online reputation

Our technology enables to query feedback while your guests are still available – and react to it right away. Positive feedback is forwarded to public platforms like TripAdvisor directly, while negative feedback remains internal. This makes it possible for you to respond immediately and turn an unsatisfied guest into a happy one.

Save costs by optimizing room cleanings

The digital travel companion provides a simple and easy solution for your guest communication. Information about room cleaning for the next day or repair work that needs to be done can be reported quickly. Interfaces with operation tools such as HotelKit enables you to process your tasks automatically and more efficiently.

Boost sales in your restaurant, bar or wellness area

Promote special spa offerings, weekly events or daily happy hours – comfortable booking from the hotel room has never been easier.