Contactless digital registration form

for an automated check-in process in your hotel

Legally compliant solution for a contactless digital registration form

We have developed a solution that is adapted to fulfill current legal regulations in different countries. So you can already start integrating the digital registration form in your hotel. Let your guests fill in all relevant data required for your check-in process from home or on the way and avoid long queues at the front desk.

You save paper, costs and time

With XENONO, the digital registration forms are automatically saved as PDF files and can be quickly located when requested by visiting authorities. You avoid waiting times at the reception desk.

Lean, automated processes in your hotel

Your guests check in digitally with their own smartphone (or alternatively via our Self Check-in Kiosk Systems at your reception). No app download is required for this. The new technology is available on every device of your guests – without downloading an app. Contactless check-in is possible.

Fill in registration form data (contactless)

With this solution your guests will get to the registration form. Your guests can fill in all information for the registration form contactless and via their own deivce. The completed registration forms are automatically saved as PDF and can be found quickly by the hotel.

Digital signature: An optional feature

Your guests can also submit a digital signature, which can be printed directly on the registration form. The use of a digital signature is optional.

Confirmation: Invite your guests to explore more

After successfully filling in the relevant information, your guests will receive a confirmation of the completed task. Afterwards you can provide relevant information for the arrival and stay. Promote your additional services and offers and generate revenue prior to the stay of your guests.